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About Us


Mysteries of Emotions is a Mumbai based Holistic Counseling and Therapy Centre founded by Mr. Pinakin Shah.


Mr. Pinakin Shah is a qualified Personal Counselor, Naturopath, Sex Counselor, Intimacy Trainer, Emotional Counselor and Body-Mind Therapist. He has learnt Naturopathy from Nashik, Personal and Sex Counseling from Mumbai.


With deep knowledge, training and practice in concepts of the mind, body, health, alternative therapies, counseling and training, Mr. Pinakin Shah always had a keen interest in helping and guiding others. In the past, he was already a counselor and mentor to many people before he began with counseling on a professional basis.


‘Mysteries of Emotions’ is his brainchild, established for exploring the vast depths and workings of the mind, emotions and their effects on our bodies and lives. Through Mysteries of Emotions, Mr. Pinakin Shah aims at reaching out to all the people in the world who are troubled by emotional issues or situations in life and guide them on how they can work with these issues and emotions for their own betterment.


Mr. Pinakin Shah’s aim with this initiative is to provide genuine counseling to all those who seek it and also build a strong network of professionals in similar fields so that they can share knowledge and together help the seekers in their pursuit of happiness.


More about Mr. Pinakin Shah


Mr. Pinakin Shah is also a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Trainer and Therapist in: Aroma Therapy (Mumbai), Swedish Massage and Body Shaping Massage Therapy. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy (London-UK), Thai Massage Therapy (Chiang Mai-Thailand), Balinese Massage, Body Scrubs and Wraps (Bali-Indonesia).


Mr. Pinakin Shah is a qualified Palmist and Numerologist.

The Iron Man of Counselling

With his deep understanding of various aspects that form part of our lives, Pinakin has worked in this field for several years and has made a significant impact on the lives of the people he has counseled, trained and treated. His inspirational drive to help and guide others made him perfect counselor and mentor to many people. Now his expertise in Counselling, Training and Therapy is available to everyone as a professional service.

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