Mysteries of Emotions | Do You Know What Your Emotions Do to You?
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Do You Know What Your Emotions Do to You?

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Do You Know What Your Emotions Do to You?

If you’ve ever experienced your body trembling and weak when you were angry; or your stomach drop when you hear bad news, or your heart beat faster when someone says they love you, you know that your emotions affect your body too.

But have you ever stopped to think about the extent in which your emotions can affect your body?

The mind and body are very closely linked. The mind is the headquarters and whatever it feels in terms of emotions, it communicates to the body so that the body can react to the situation. So if you are feeling happy emotions, the body releases dopamine and endorphins that boost your energy and productivity.

However, negative emotions too stimulate the body to release enzymes and hormones that weaken the body, slow down the functions and lead to accumulation of toxins in the body. For example, when you are stressed, the body thinks it is under threat. So it reacts by releasing adrenalin that increases the heart beat, increases blood pressure, speeds up the body processes in order to save itself from the threat. But if the stress continues, on and on and on, the body will keep thinking it is under threat. As a result, the temporary boost in blood pressure becomes hypertension. A temporary neck pain turns into cervical spondylosis and this is how chronic ailments are formed.

Moreover, emotions not only affect you physically, but also mentally. If we lose control over our mind and give in to emotions, we never know when we can slip into clinical depression, anxiety, develop severe anger issues and ruin our relationships in the process.

emotional intelligenceSo what is the solution to all this? Developing Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence is all about being aware of our emotions and how they affect us and knowing exactly how to manage them to benefit us. This may be easy to do at times but in highly stressful environments or traumatic situations, it is hard to handle on your own.

In such cases professional counsellors are a great help in training you on managing, controlling and channeling your emotions so that your life is in your own hands.

Today, many corporates are realizing how negative emotions and environments can affect the attitude and productivity of people and are encouraging their employees to undergo training for emotional intelligence.

So if you thought that education qualification and IQ is all that matters in life, think again. No matter how capable a person may be, if emotions get the better of them, they are left powerless.

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