Mysteries of Emotions | Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) mainly means the capacity to identify your emotions and channelizing them in a way that will be useful and not harmful. In the past, a lot of emphasis was laid on Intelligence Quotient of a person but lately, it has been discovered that a person with a high EQ is someone who actually knows how to live life.


There are some techniques by which we can slowly train ourselves and increase our EQ. For this, a personal counselor can guide you in identifying and harnessing the emotions in the right way even for a specific purpose.


The First Step: Identify your emotions.

Many times we feel something but are not aware of it. As a result, we act on it without realizing the consequences. So the first step is to train yourself to become aware of your emotions at all times.

A Chart of the Different Emotions that we may Experience
A Chart of the Different Emotions that we may Experience

Step 2: Experience the emotion.

Once you become aware of the emotion, feel it, watch how it affects you and your potential reaction to it. Ask why you feel so and what you can do about it.


Step 3: Forget the emotion.

Your emotions can motivate you to act, however holding on to any emotion, good or bad is unhealthy. Let it go and move on. Do not let it affect your balance.


Step 4: Action.

Based on the emotion you feel in a certain situation, you have an idea on how to act. To be clear, here you will act, not react. Prior to this, the previous steps are very essential. This way, your emotions don’t go out of hand. The outcome of the situation is still in your hands depending on how you act in response.


In the end, Emotional Intelligence is all about reducing negative emotions and harnessing positive emotions. After all, every human being wants to be happy in life. The techniques of EQ help in programming the brain in dealing with emotions in the right way and balancing the mind.

Explore your emotions and live fully!