Mysteries of Emotions | Personal Counselling
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Personal Counselling


Personal counseling involves discussing your thoughts and issues with any situation or person with a professional counselor in a completely confidential setting.


May it be a little or large issue, some situations can affect you deeply and even prevent you from reaching your full potential in life. For this, you may need to talk it out, vent or get some objective guidance from a counselor.


We offer services of:


Personal Counselling

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Marriage / Couples Counselling

Teenage Guidance


Personal Counselling common problems are:



Lack of Trust



Sexual Needs and Other Sexual Issues

Work related stress

Financial Issues

Family Conflicts

Parenting Issues

Different Goals and Values

Life Changes

Dealing with Tragedy


Pre-Marriage Counseling helps couples prepare for marriage. It can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong and healthy relationship and a stable and satisfying marriage. It can also help indentify weakness that could become problems during marriage.


This may cover:


Personality Differences

Lifestyle Expectations

Communication Styles

Friends and Interests

Family Backgrounds

Cultural differences

Beliefs about parenting

Concerns about finance


Marriage / Relationship  Counselling regarding  relationship concerns.


May cover:


Understanding past relationships and how they impact on the present

Reflecting on finding / starting / ending a relationship

Dealing with In-laws

Fight problems & grow together.