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Terms of Use

Copyright Statement

Copyright © 2016 Mr. Pinakin Shah, all rights reserved. Mysteries of Emotions  hereby authorizes you to view, print, copy and distribute information published by Mysteries of Emotions on this website, provided that (a) the information may be used internally (by you or any third party to whom you distribute it) only for informational, non-commercial purposes; (b) no fee may be charged for distribution of any information to any third party; and (c) any and all copyright or other proprietary notices that appear herein, together with this Legal Notice, must appear on all copies that you make or distribute.


“Mysteries of Emotions” is a Brand / Vertical  owned by Mr. Pinakin Shah. 

Any reference to “Mysteries of Emotions”  in this website shall automatically mean reference to the owner of the Brand  “Mr. Pinakin Shah.””


Any Brand published or featured on the site may be the subject of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) owned by Mr. Pinakin Shah or other respective third parties. 


“Mysteries of Emotions” both the logos “Couple with wordings Mysteries of Emotions” and “Masked Lady  with wordings Mysteries of Emotions” shown here below are owned by Mr. Pinakin Shah.


Users of this website and services provided through this website or otherwise by Mysteries of Emotions is subject to the premise that such users fully understand and unconditionally and totally agree to the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy herein mentioned.


Products, services etc. displayed, Featured, Marketed, Provided, listed on the site may be of Mysteries of Emotions or of / handled by third parties and Mysteries of Emotions may have acted as a facilitator. In each case detailed Specifications, Terms & Conditions of respective product or service providers shall be applicable and binding.


We may outsource any service to a trusted third party at our discretion.


We may introduce new services, suspend, withdraw or alter any services without prior intimation.


All disputes are subject to Exclusive Mumbai (India) Only Jurisdiction.