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World Sexual Health Day

Today, the 4th of September we celebrate World Sexual Health Day. Let us welcome this day by changing with the times and be more bold, aware and responsible about sex. So here’s Mysteries of Emotions celebrating this day by debunking some of the most common myths about sex.

Myth 1 – Sex is Wrong

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Many men and especially women in India have somehow sociologically developed the idea that sex is wrong. It’s talked about in hushed voices and behind closed doors and most of the times one has to behave as though they don’t have any sexual urges at all.

Well, newsflash…Sex is a very normal, natural and biological need of any living being. It is about love, pleasure and satisfaction and exploring yourselves and letting go. In fact, feeling guilty after masturbation or sex is wrong, not the process itself. As long as what you do is safe and moral, there is nothing wrong with sex.

Myth 2 – Women Don’t Think About Sex

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Obviously, sex between partners takes two. Many women are socially programmed since childhood to repress their feelings.