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Sex Counselling


Sex problems are very common. They can occur for a number of reasons including mental and physical. Seeking help as soon as possible is vital for ensuring your sex problem does not have far reaching consequences.


With a professional sex counselor, you can be sure to be able to speak freely about thoughts, feelings and other aspects that you may not be comfortable sharing with others.


A counselor can provide a clearer view of the problem and help find the correct solution which will help improve intimacy with your partner.


We offer counselling for the following:


Sex Education


Sexuality education for right approach to healthy decision making.

This may cover Sexuality, Sex Facts & Myths, Sexual Preferences etc.


Sex Problems


There is a wide range of sex related issues which may affect Individuals.

Counselling can help address questions or concerns surrounding a person’s



Anxiety about sex


Lack of sexual desire

Anxiety or uncertainty about sexual orientation

Conflicting sexual desires between partners

Recovery from sexual abuse or sexual assault


Body Image issues

Sexual impulses or compulsions that cause distress



Female Sex Problems:


Pain During Sex

Orgasmic Disorders

Loss of Desire

Sexual Preferences


Male Sex Problems:


Ejaculation problems:

Premature ejaculation

Retarded / Delayed ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunctions

Sexual Preferences

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