Mysteries of Emotions | Numerology Ordering Procedure
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Numerology Ordering Procedure

Numerology Reading Ordering Procedure


Select a suitable Package.

We shall email you our bank details for depositing necessary fees.

Deposit the total fees in our bank account.

Email us the full details of payment.

On verification of realization of payment, we shall email our confirmation.

We shall email a form to you for providing us relevant data input for the preparation of Numerology Reading for the desired package. Please email the same to us as soon as possible, after checking the same for its total correctness.

This is because your Numerology reading is prepared from the data provided by you. Incorrect data can seriously affect your Numerology Reading.

Once we verify receipt of all input as may be required, we shall start preparing Numerology Reading in due course of time. We may request for additional input, if considered necessary.

Order once placed cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Once we prepare and validate your Numerology Reading the same will be emailed to you.

The format of the Numerology Reading will be .pdf. Please ensure that you can access the same.

The Numerology Reading does not include any consultation. Personal consultation facilities can be availed for a fee, with prior appointment.



Request for Numerology Readings may be accepted from persons requesting their own reading or on behalf of someone from whom they have received specific authority for the same.


All requests are received subject to condition that the customer fully understands, agrees to and accepts all our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Ordering Procedure etc.  unconditionally.   (Contained herein as well as elsewhere on this website)


These are subject to change without any prior notice.


The Numerology Readings are for the Private and Personal use of the person for whom it has been prepared. (i.e. the person who’s name appears in the reading)


We reserve the right to accept or reject any request for a Numerology Reading without assigning any reason(s) whatsoever. 


We may outsource any service to a trusted third party at our discretion.


We may introduce new services, suspend, withdraw or alter any services without prior intimation.


“Mysteries of Emotions” (Logo’s) are brands owned by Mr.  Pinakin Shah. We have Not authorized anyone else to use this brand in any way.


All disputes are subject to Exclusive Mumbai (India) Only Jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy


We do not collect any “Sensitive” Personal information.


Best efforts are made by us to keep all the data confidential. Like data received for Processing Numerology Reading, Numerology reading etc.


We do not disclose any such data to third party.


However we do not provide any Guarantee or assume any responsibility whatsoever  for  the Privacy, Leakage, Theft, etc. of any such data or related communication. (verbal or non verbal)



Numerology is a branch of the occult science of Astrology.


The readings and interpretations are often but not always accurate and are always inferior to the human willpower and intelligence.


Further intuition is needed to read correctly the messages of the numbers and to interpret the readings. We request you to exercise mature discretion in reading and understanding Numerological Readings.


Contents of our Numerology readings or interpretations should not be taken as our instructions or suggestions. No such readings are substitute for any specific professional advice sought by the native.


Reference in the readings (if any) to an Individual, Nationality, Religion, Caste etc. Is not intended to be of offensive nature.


We do not provide any Guarantee, Warranty or Assurances of any kind, Express or implied.

We do not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the use, interpretation etc. of these readings. We shall not be liable for any Direct or Indirect, Incidental or Consequential Loss or damage to (including and not limited to) any Life, Property, Reputation etc. We shall not entertain any claims of any nature whatsoever.